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Subtitling, Audio Description, Accessible versions of films, Live Transcription

Do you need subtitles? For instance for an English, Spanish, or Japanese project? Or from English into German, French or Chinese? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Over the years, No Limits has established a large and international network of qualified translators. In-house, German and English are our native languages. For other language combinations, we work with over one hundred qualified colleagues with a variety of native languages, who know their craft.


Web-based translation tools are useful when you’re looking for the right word or trying to understand the rough context. But translating a text well, with all its linguistic and cultural nuances, requires qualified translators. These translators need to have specialist knowledge of the respective source language and an excellent grasp of their own native language. We’re open to technical developments and regularly check whether and how we can effectively integrate new tools into our everyday professional work.


Would you like to make your production accessible to people with visual or hearing impairments? We provide expert solutions in the respective fields.


No matter which of our services you’re interested in, the quality of our work is our calling card.

Do you have questions?


Stephan Kalesse

Tel. +49 30 52001110
Should you have any questions about offers, Mr. Stephan Kalesse is happy to help.
Martina Urgesi - Ansprechpartner Herstellungsleitung
Production Management

Tel. +49 30 52001110
Ms. Martina Urgesi is happy to answer any questions about current projects.
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