Every film, video, and project has its own nuances and is unique in its challenges. We have many years of experience in the field of classic film production. We are very well acquainted with the legislation and guidelines provided by film institutes. Our team of qualified and experienced subtitlers, translators, and authors are the best people to contact when it comes to making your content accessible to your audience.


To us, No Limits means that we don’t use a cookie-cutter approach but deal intensively with our clients’ concerns and requests. Every project, from feature films to shorter corporate clips, to very large volumes, as often required by broadcasters, is given equal priority at No Limits Media. We have a large in-house and freelance team and realize even time-sensitive projects with the highest quality.


To us, No Limits involves offering you the best service in the realization of international projects with a wide variety of language combinations and working with specialists with a command of a range of different native languages in the process.


To us, No Limits also signifies a commitment to inclusion. We firmly believe that every person is entitled to equal rights. Among other things, this includes unimpeded access to media. For us, accessibility is first and foremost, an inner attitude towards our day-to-day work:


In addition to creating subtitles for people with hearing impairments and producing audio description for people with visual impairments, we regularly support training courses at the Oberlinhaus in Potsdam through personal engagement.


No Limits also means constant learning in dialogue with new technology. Changes in the environment, society, and technical progress have been comprehensive in recent decades. We meet these challenges with unconditional interest and always at the cutting-edge of technology.


Are you producing a film? Do you have questions concerning accessibility? Does your project comprise of several different languages? Would you like to release your project online or in theaters, or participate in a film festival? No Limits Media will support you in the process. We are familiar with specifications, are able to convert file formats for broadcasters and streaming portals, and are here to assist you with your submissions to film festivals worldwide!


Do you need transcripts or dialogue lists and require these translated? Do you need translations or subtitles for editing purposes during filming? We have experience here too.


Audio guides for museums? Live transcription and/or online subtitles. We can help. Call or email us.


Are you working on cost calculations and do you have questions? That’s what we’re here for. We’re familiar with the widest range of workflows and calculate according to your requirements. For us, the best possible consultation implies optimal implementation that’s also the most cost-effective for you.


The loyalty of our clients is our calling card. Our clients include film distributors, dubbing studios, film producers, agents, administrative bodies, institutions, broadcasters, students, experimentalists – Here too, we know no bounds.

No Limits – To us, it means wanting to make the impossible possible.
Stephan Kalesse


Stephan Kalesse

Stephan Kalesse

Should you have any questions about offers, Mr. Stephan Kalesse is happy to help.
Tel. +49 (0) 30 520 0111-21
Martina Urgesi - Ansprechpartner Herstellungsleitung

Martina Urgesi

Production Management

Ms. Martina Urgesi is happy to answer any questions about current projects.

Tel. +49 (0) 30 520 0111-33


What is Plain language
What is Plain language
Accessibility in the media doesn’t just encompass subtitles and audio description. It also includes converting...
Subtitles for your films
Subtitles for your films
Subtitles for films, documentaries, and other work have to be easy to understand and read so that viewers...
Subtitling and audio description as the main components of accessible film versions
Subtitling and audio description as the main components of accessible film versions
A good 16 million people in Germany need subtitles or Audio description. Quite the target group, which...
Audio description using synthetic voices - a modern alternative
Audio description using synthetic voices - a modern alternative
There are an estimated 1.2 million people living with blindness or visual impairments in Germany. Among...
One of the few service providers in the market offering audio description using synthetic voices
One of the few service providers in the market offering audio description using synthetic voices
Accessibility through audio description using synthetic voicesThere is currently no substitute for human...


Our security standards conform to current legal requirements. The quality and security of our technical equipment, as well as our server and backup systems are regularly checked, because we’ve made physical and digital security our top priority. Competent IT management ensures the protection of your and our data. You can trust us.


Our clients’ projects and all related work material is managed according to the latest security standards. Your content is in good hands!

Furthermore, access control and security cameras also guarantee that only authorized employees have access to our systems.


Confidentiality agreements with all in-house employees, as well as with our freelancers, are a prerequisite for permanent employment or collaboration.


Our employees receive regular instruction in security issues, as stipulated by the Accident Prevention Regulations of the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions (Unfallverhütungsvorschriften der deutschen Berufsgenossenschaften – DGUV, previously BGV A3). For further information, see our client information on DGUV.

Social Engagement

No Limits Media is a patron of the Oberlinhaus in Potsdam, Europe’s oldest and largest educational establishment for people with disabilities, where we regularly contribute to job application training for graduates.


Are you looking for a permanent position as a subtitler or do you seek to work as a project manager? Do you already have experience and are you familiar with the widely used software? Or is your native language English and would you like to broaden your practical knowledge through a traineeship?


Then why not apply? You can expect a diverse range of projects and an excellent workplace environment, as part of a committed team in the heart of Berlin.


Are you a freelancer in the field of subtitling or an audio description writer? Do you know your way around the didactic and technical standards of this field, and would you be able to provide relevant experience and references? Then we look forward to receiving your application at

Please note that we only consider complete applications (cover letter, CV, credentials), sent by e-mail in our selection process.

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