Subtitles for your films

Subtitles for films, documentaries, and other work have to be easy to understand and read so that viewers can comprehensively understand the cinematic work – without viewing enjoyment falling short in the process. We’re happy to support you in providing the appropriate subtitles for your project. We keep the specifics of your film project in mind and comply with the applicable regulations. This includes the guidelines of film funding agencies and broadcasters.
Our team is made up of experienced experts, all of whom have film production experience. We provide subtitles for films that make it possible for people with impaired hearing to enjoy your work. In addition, we specialize in the creation of interlingual subtitles.

We create engaging subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

To make it possible for people who are deaf and hard of hearing to fully enjoy and understand films, documentaries, and series, we provide high quality subtitles. The need for this type of subtitling is great, since approximately 22.1% of people in Europe live with impaired hearing. Our team is committed to making media accessible – and thereby follows the recommendations of the UN Human Rights Conventions, as well as the Federal Participation Act (Bundesteilhabegesetz). This is the only way to ensure you do not exclude certain groups of people and that they can share in your cinematic work.
Alongside sign language, a subtitle is an ideal opportunity to enable people with impaired hearing unimpaired access to your media offering. Note that conventional subtitles, such as interlingual subtitles, are not sufficient for this purpose, because they only consider what is said in the film or documentary. They only refer to the spoken word. Our special subtitles for hearing-impaired people provide descriptions of sound and music and guarantee speaker identification.

Interlingual Subtitles – Original Version with subtitles

With increasing globalization and the ever-greater proliferation of online streaming platforms, subtitled versions are gaining ground. Some people want to enjoy the original sound and nevertheless, fully understand the dialogue. Interlingual subtitles offer an optimal solution for this. The original voices of the actors are thus retained, while the dialogue is translated into the desired target language via subtitles (OV – Original Version with Subtitles).
In the creation of subtitles, our team applies the internationally recognized Code of Good Subtitling Practice of the European Association for Studies in Screen Translation. This ensures that precise timing (spotting), optimal readability, and an idiomatic translation of the content are guaranteed. Our staff has a lot of professional experience and continuously attends further training courses to familiarize themselves with the latest technology and guidelines for creating subtitles.

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