No Limits Media Untertitel Audiodeskription Barrierefreiheit Live-Transkription GmbH is one of Germany’s leading companies when it comes to accessible film and television productions or interlingual subtitling.


Through our work, we enable foreign film fans, as well as people with hearing impairments, to fully enjoy films and series. People who want to improve their knowledge of the German language also benefit enormously from being able to consume German-speaking media and read German subtitles in the process.


We don’t limit ourselves thematically and work on every kind of project conscientiously. The necessary research is a matter of course.


Whether a world-renowned film released to theaters or a smaller production, our subtitles look brilliant under any type of film. Over the years, we’ve gained experience with many types of films, genres, and themes.


Depending on the theme of the story and the period in which a film is set, we take cultural aspects, as well as subject-related terminology or the historical accuracy of language into account. Action films, which often have very few gaps between dialogue, come with their own set of challenges, particularly in subtitling for the deaf or hard-of-hearing or in the case of audio descriptions.


With comedies, it’s all about translating humor. The translation of humor can pose a challenge because it’s culturally specific. In the case of dramas, you want to get the most out of emotional moments through the subtitles.


To bring even the youngest joy, our projects also naturally include several children’s films. Here, particular attention must be paid to target group-specific language.


When it comes to series, we work on reality shows, fictional programs, and gameshows. Here audio description is increasingly deploying synthetic voices.

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