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There are an estimated 1.2 million people living with blindness or visual impairment in Germany. (source:

They too have the right to participate in society, which means films need to be processed in a manner that makes them accessible to this target group. This is where audio description comes in.
Spoken passages describing visual elements have to be inserted between the pauses in dialogue.

Um den hohen Qualitätsstandards gerecht zu werden, arbeiten wir bei No Limits Media nicht nur mit einem erfahrenen Team, sondern auch eng mit der Zielgruppe zusammen. Unsere Audiodeskriptionen entstehen daher immer in Zusammenarbeit mit blinden und sehenden erfahrenen Autorinnen und Autoren. Nur so erarbeiten wir eine Bildbeschreibung, die den Bedürfnissen der Zielgruppe gerecht werden und zu einem Erlebnis für das Publikum werden kann.

Professional voice artists later record the visual descriptions onto an additional soundtrack, thus completing the process. This soundtrack can then be called up in cinemas, or made available for playback on televisions or home entertainment systems.


Job: Untertitler/ Autor

Are you a freelancer in the field of subtitling or an audio description writer? Are you familiar with the didactic and technical standards of this field, and would you be able to provide relevant experience and references? Then we look forward to receiving your application at

Please note that we only consider complete applications (cover letter, CV, credentials), in our selection process received via email.

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